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Wednesday 27th March


30 Places

Do any of these sound familiar?

“We can get away without having good process documentation.”

“We can save time using AI to write all of our process documentation.”

“We don’t have the skills to write the documentation, so we don’t bother.”

What do you think, are these fact or fiction? There are some big myths and misconceptions when it comes to process mapping and we are here to examine them all in the first part of an upcoming webinar series on all aspects of processes and process mining. (Here is one fact up front though, process automation is accelerated by a factor of five in companies with good process maps versus those who have none.)

Join this interactive, expert-led webinar for a deep dive into the right and wrong ways to leverage process mapping, how to break down obstacles that can get in the way of implementing it and some serious myth-busting. Plus, get tailored, personal answers to all your process mapping questions by our panel of seasoned leaders.