Automation Potential in: Bill Of Materials

today's Challenges

A BOM comprises of all the materials and components necessary to create a product. Its main function is to offer employees all the information they need regarding the what, when, where from, and how to purchase. Errors at any of these points can have a negative chain effect on the rest of the production cycle, and thus lead to losses.

Automation Impact Evaluation

RPA can enable faster creation of BOM by automatically cross referencing materials and components to suitable suppliers and different departments within an organisation. It can also automatically update ERP or production planning software to give live data on estimated production time vs reality.

While basic automation tools such as macro-based applets, screen scraping tools, and product-specific workflows are helpful in automating certain activities under BOM, RPA specifically helps in enhancing process automation by completely replicating the steps that a human does in generating BOM. A significant point to note here is unlike the older automation tools, non-technical users can also use RPA. It is less complex and highly agile.

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