Automation Potential in: Fee Overruns Deductions

today's Challenges

No lawyer can foresee the future. Time taken to close a case and resources used both currently fall under the bracket of ‘educated guesses’ for most firms. It is highly important to handle fee overruns efficiently because of their potential to downgrade the firm’s image in the clients’ eyes, and open up lengthy cost disputes and satellite cases. 

Automation Impact Evaluation

Robotic Process Automation can help to ensure vital documents are prepared in time in particular when a client brings their own records system into the mix as it will be able to work between systems and alleviate pressure on the lawyer.

It does this by locating key documents situated in different silos whether they be databases, in the cloud or online. When combined with Optical Character Recognition you will also be able to extract data from PDFs and scanned documents. It can also be used to inform stakeholders/clients as to current billing status or time spent which can also help to reduce arguments.

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