The roundtable sessions will be one hour long.

All information shared will be treated as confidential in nature.

There is no cost for attending the session but we do ask that participants have their camera on and actively take part in the sessions.

Places are very limited to 10 participants – these are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Problem Statement:

Despite the negative reception surrounding Insurance today, there result will likely be higher demands from insurance customers (in terms of expectations of the products they are buying) high likelihood of customers swapping providers and a high likelihood of renegotiation. With underwriting profits under competitive pressure, asset devaluation, and declining revenues, insurers have to save cost while delivering great customer service in a compliant manner.


Automation is one tool which can support this enabling better informed decisions around risk segmentation with live, accurate data. Tying together systems and software to reduce low-value manual processes and 93% of insurance leaders agree that their CEO actively supports an innovation culture by pursuing technology initiatives that impact strategy.

We will be discussing:

Is automation only for the big players and what competitive advantage it offers?

How can you formulate a long-term plan to incorporate technology in an unstable environment?

What specific use cases should insurers look at when automating?

+ much much more!

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