Automation Potential in: Scheduling/Attendance


Planning and preparing for committee board meetings, faculty meetings, and parent-teacher meetings are another tedious job that cannot be ignored. Meetings organisers have to check up on the attendee’s s schedule. Depending on their availability, the organiser has to then plan for a meeting. Once planned, the organiser has to draft emails separately to every attendee, passing on the message on the date, time, and location of the meeting. If there are any changes in the schedule of any one of the attendees, then the organiser has to repeat the entire procedure all over again.

RPA, on the other hand, can entirely automate the meeting scheduling process without human involvement. By checking every attendee’s work schedule, it can automatically draft emails to the concerned people, notifying them about the meeting. Besides, the tool can compose emails to parents with their kid’s progress reports and schedule a meeting, if the need is so.


Attendance tracking is a repetitive yet crucial task that educational institutions have to perform on a daily basis. Keeping accurate time reviews of faculties and school administration is important in offering fair compensation. It is important to keep track of the time that is being productively utilised by educational stakeholders, which isn’t possible by manual time registration.

By implementing the right attendance tracking system, the institutions can collect the information on the time logged in for work. The RPA tool will be trained well with relevant information on how to determine the right compensation for every employee in exchange for all the work they did for the institution.

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