Automation Potential in: Student FAQs

Automation Impact Evaluation

Universities are increasingly seeing the value of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) solutions like chatbots to close critical communications gaps between student, staff and faculty.

Today’s AI-driven chatbots are capable of handling user communication commands more effectively. With Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), they can understand free language, remember and recall conversations quickly, and build context to solve more complex queries.

The start of a new academic year is always a busy time for admissions staff who constantly find themselves bombarded with queries about courses, fee structures, support services, accommodation options and the like. Responding to the influx can be daunting and for the university, would require plenty of resources.

Here’s where AI chatbots can step in. They can function round the clock to handle queries coming in from any part of the world, providing automated responses to common responses and removing the problem of ambiguity or delayed replies.

Powered by AI, they can gather data on these queries that could go towards informing future admissions strategies. Are student prospects confused about specific information on the university’s website? Are they confused about a particular course offering? Data from these interactions can be very valuable to the university’s marketing teams.

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