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Automation Impact Evaluation

Typically when people think of automation and customer service, they tend to think about experiences where humans have been replaced with machines, for example self-checkout at supermarket tills. Here we are not talking about automation as a tool for replacing humans, but rather aiding them.

Manufacturing businesses typically only have a few people overseeing production and updating customers. As such providing a good level of customer service can be quite difficult, especially where you have several clients and a changing production schedule. RPA can be directly tied into production planning systems, creating live status reports on the manufacturing schedule, sending emails on product updates and providing quality checks by getting feedback on completed items.

RPA can be directly tied into production planning systems and your email systems. This means it can go into an ERP system, look at a particular component, see its expected completion date, use simple IF/THEN logic to determine if the part is overdue. If the component is determined to be late then the bot can automatically log into an email, and generate a late notice to the customer.

You could also use automation to create live status reports, send delivery notes for documentation and follow up with automatic quality checks. 

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