Where it is possible to carry out steps one-six without the use of technology or a partner, in order to correctly identify how complex your process will be to automate, you will need to work alongside a certified business analyst or developer. Below is a list of key considerations Proservartner takes into account when assessing how difficult it will be to automate a process:

  • Manual hours that the task normally takes
  • Amount of people that carry out this task or involved in the process flow
  • Amount of departments are involved in the process
  • How many computers are involved
  • Information silos – systems or subsystem incapable of reciprocal operation
  • Data size – how many records are involved, how many rows, how big are the files
  • Process steps – mapped out in a workflow
  • Business logic – why rules are in place, and what order they need to be done
  • Deployment complexity – how difficult will it be to set up the automation software
  • Standardisation complexity – how difficult will it be ensuring each machine is running the same version of software for example


A busy aerospace manufacturer has a lot of uncommon components they need. Their team of two people in procurement need to onboard 50 new suppliers each month.

Looking at their process:

  • Suppliers fill in a word document with all their details
  • This word document is then sent to procurement via email
  • The procurement team input the details to an ERP
  • They validate factors such as IBAN and VAT before approving
  • Upon approval the supplier is sent an RFQ of more standard parts for price comparison

Given this information:

Manual hours = 20 minutes per supplier

Amount of people = 1 person

Amount of departments = 1 department

How many computers are involved = 1 computer

Information silos = 3 (The computer, The Email software and the ERP)

Data size – 17 rows of data, 22mb file (This is the word document itself)

Process steps – 32 (Open email, download form, open internet browser, visit IBAN website, copy IBAN number from form, verify information, visit VAT website, copy VAT number, verify Vat number, open ERP, Copy 17 lines of data, save file, open email, send our RFQ)

Business logic – low

Deployment complexity – low

Standardisation complexity – low

Conclusion: Low complexity – days to programme

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