5. Create an integrated team

Pull on expert support wherever possible and try to create an integrated team where the technical isn’t separate from the people element. If your programme includes changes to job roles, or where there may be redundancies, you will need to work very closely with HR. A communication or change specialist will be valuable to help ‘translate’ any technical jargon into language that employees will find easier to understand.

Where there is a need to communicate and involve individuals across several teams or different sites, establishing a virtual team of change champions can be invaluable. Training for line managers in how to support their teams through change can also make a big difference. Line managers are the first line of information and support for team members and if they are unsure or resistant to the change this can quickly filter down.

Case Study

Proservartner helped a busy law firm who had thousands of Property lOT records they needed to manually copy from their Microsoft Access Database to a Cloud based Environment. This work was done by legal secretaries who were very resistant to the thought of robots taking their workload.

Before we started the technical delivery Proservartner led a series of workshops internally with all major stakeholders. Although there was initial scepticism, once people at the firm had not only seen RPA in action but had built their own bot, they understand that this technology would aid them by carrying out low level tasks.

Through successful RPA implementation were able to save the firm an estimated 4500 hours and the bot carried out the process with 100% data entry accuracy. Although this project was seen as a one-off, the bot can now be deployed on a repeatable basis for the future. 

Through our programme of education and workshops, the company are now much more open to the idea of technology and we have worked with them since to expand their operations.


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