7. Make change stick

A training plan can be built up from your understanding about the impact on each audience. Think about how different people learn and how you will make sure people, including new starters, can access the information they need once the training is complete.

Making change stick though is much broader than just training. People will naturally revert to old ways of doing things. Positive reinforcement, recognising the right behaviours and zero tolerance of the old ways of working are essential for change to stick. Removing the old ways of working is a good idea – for example archiving the spreadsheet that held information before the new process was put in place so that it can’t be easily accessed, or closing down an old mailbox.

Process documentation will need to be updated and policies and reward mechanisms may need to be redesigned to support the new approach. Celebrating success and highlighting achievements to the wider business will also help to support a positive culture and maintain momentum for the change.

Key Lessons Learnt

“The quick turnaround time of RPA projects is fantastic for building excitement within the organisation. We almost always advise our clients to start their RPA journey with a pilot. We help them to choose a process that will quickly demonstrate value and can then be used to build support and momentum more widely. The challenge quickly becomes how to scale up quickly enough and in a strategic way.”
Govert Duitscher
Senior Director

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