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Automation has dramatically changed the Marketing industry. Where once the relationship between marketing activity and results was often anecdotal at best, now marketers have a much clearer idea of what is drawing prospects to them and converting them into warmer leads with ease. Although we have seen RPA perforate the marketing industry, this has been at a somewhat basic level. Now that the industry has a firm grasp on the technology, what we would expect to see the tying together of smaller processes to provide an end-to-end solution.

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Processes ripe for automation

Customer data and profiling

Speed is everything when it comes to prospective customers. Having a clear picture on the prospect, their budget and background can be a significant competitive advantage. At the moment enquiries can come in through a range of disparate systems. They are often then entered into a CRM like Salesforce, combined with other data from core systems and put in a queue for sales follow-up. This is a process that can easily be automated. A robot could go and find job titles, work experience and even cross-reference a company against VAT or companies house. In a matter of minutes, a substantive picture can be formed to better inform both sales and marketing as to how good the prospect is.

Live PPC comparison

Successful PPC advertising requires a heavy level of human supervision in order to optimise performance across numerous channels. Today’s marketer employs multiple landing pages, dynamic adverts and places adverts in a wide variety of mediums across different platforms. Although spotting trends and reacting is possible, it is still time-consuming. Through automation, multiple advertising streams can be monitored in a single dashboard and using simple if/then logic, campaigns can be adjusted and optimised…even while your team is sleeping.

Streamlining the transition from legacy systems

In the last five years there has been a proliferation of marketing platforms that aim to act as centralised CRMs for delivery and tracking of performance. As new innovations are added onto these platforms it has become more and more common for sales and marketing to change platforms every few years. Robotic Process Automation can provide a vital service in the duplication of information from one system to another which will lower the risk of information going missing and means minimum business disruption.

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A large media company in Switzerland was struggling with a cumbersome credit note process that was tying up employees across two departments...

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proservartner Oliver

“Marketing turned to analytics as a way of demonstrating return on investment, but now is almost blinded by the sheer amount of information. Automation can play a role in streamlining this information and identifying the most important thing: who wants to buy.

Today’s Marketing automation could be a useful tool but I still feel it is in its infancy. The logic behind why and how people buy has still not been fleshed out. It is not personal and is still largely a guess. Technology is available today that could change this. I see automation being used to run background checks and cross-reference information about a potential buyer. This would create a score for how ideal that prospect is and identify signals, specific to that person, that mean they are interested.

If you have a prospect who rarely comments on LinkedIn for example, who then comments on a few of your posts, that might be a better buying signal than if they opened an email. With more powerful information, sales and marketing can better focus their efforts.”

Oliver Gwynne, Global Marketing Manager

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