Proservarntner automation strategy

Automation strategy

Feasibility report

Proservartner has seen that many organisations choose the wrong types of process to automate, wasting time and resources. We can quickly analyse your processes and assess automation opportunities, using our proven methodology and combination of functional, technology and management experience.

Software vendor selection

Your business model plays a vital role in determining which technical features you will need and which vendor you should select. Proservartner has a robust vendor evaluation methodology. This is backed up by a knowledge base capturing our deep expertise in the top ten (and more) automation platforms. This allows us to give you informed and impartial advice.

Business case development

Proservartner will use a scoring system in order to determine which processes would see the biggest return on investment and form a robust business case around implementation.

Design the future Target Operating Model

Aligned to changes required in the overall strategy of the business. This would cover overall mission and vision, business model, and the new or increased value that the organisation is set to deliver from the changes.

Proservarntner case study

Proservartner were able to build a bot which extracted data from the service provider tool, validated VAT, IBAN, USPS, ABN and checked for duplicate entries within the ERP.

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"There are so many different vendors all using terms like AI, RPA and Machine learning interchangeably, it's no wonder people get confused."

Stephen, Head of Intelligent Automation

proservartner stephen

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