Back office transformation

In the last five years significant pressure has been placed upon back-office leaders. In a world where data is the new currency, businesses expect greater visibility from back-office teams, faster and more accurate data and although the expected workload has risen, the resources allocated haven’t. This has reached a crux where radial redesign and adoption of new technology may be needed in order for back-office to become the agile resource that organisations expect.



Employee Performance

Continuous Improvement


In order to create robust processes and policies, deep insight into all aspects of your back-office performance is key. The problem is that most organisations use out-dated practices when it comes to monitoring performance. Workforce planning through spreadsheets, tracking work completed with tickboxes, none of these tools can give you the live data needed to ensure higher productivity. Proservartner can help your organisation with the oversight of effective activity monitoring, and roll out such programmes in a way designed to minimise disruption and fear. When the right analysis it becomes easier to reduce ongoing risk, ensure compliance and consistency and optimise working practices.


We all know that there is often a big gap between desirable working practices and the practicalities of today. The advantage of working with Proservartner is that we are not just strategists but implementors. That means our team has hands-on experience of the challenges that come with effectively rolling out plans. Our designs take an incremental approach to improvement, focusing on small achievable steps which build towards your overall goal. We use a range of complementary improvement methodologies such as Lean, Agile and Six Sigma in order to provide a robust framework in which to base and review activity.

Employee Improvement

There are clear statistics, that demonstrate the amount of work expected from back-office functions has increased, and yet hiring in these functions has not. With ongoing market uncertainty, most leaders will have to do more work with fewer resources and while many consider the advantages that automation can bring, it is foolhardy to forget about the impact your current team can have. Ensuring that the right tasks are being carried out by the right people is simple on paper but requires a commitment to consistent measurement, reporting of employee performance and a to coaching and training. Many organisations are so preoccupied with business-as-usual activity that they seek outside help instead of investing in the staff they already have. Proservartner can work alongside you to implement robust systems for monitoring, measurement and training.

Continuous Improvement

Building a culture that consistently looks to solve problems and improve working practices is easier said than done. Mapping and identifying room for improvement is a sizeable task, as is implementing mechanisms so that staff at different levels can track their impact on the organisation. Cultures are not built through one-off exercises and you need serious commitment and sustained energy to succeed. Proservartner can help you create a roadmap for long term improvement focusing on communication, realistic milestones and measurement.

case Study

Proservartner worked alongside a major UK construction and property management firm who were looking at ways to invigorate their digital transformation programme.

The company needed to process over 350,000 invoices a year and has invested in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology Readsoft a few years before. The firm were seeing around a 70% accuracy rate from readsoft, and were still required to copy the extracted information into an ERP.

We implemented Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot solution which not only extracts data but then can be combined with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to fill in the ERP and verify the details. With this combination not only were the results of the extracted data more accurate but the whole process was streamlined to literal seconds.

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