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Business Process Management and workflow

BPM covers a range of activities that look to measure, manage and improve how processes are executed. Our consultants are trained in Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies with many years of experience in process excellence across people and systems. We can deliver significant benefits in terms of efficiency and the ability to respond to your customers. A successful approach to BPM also includes a shift in employee mindset and knowledge that we will support you to get right.


We have a range of tried and tested diagnostic tools that will be used alongside workshops with your team to identify areas for improvement. Ongoing data analysis will also enable you to continually improve your business processes and workflows.


Efficient workflow design and implementation is a core component of BPM. Strategic workflows can be enabled by automation particularly the repeatable, less complex elements of individual processes.

Platform implementation

We can help you make a confident decision about the best technology to enable your business processes. The right platform will be built around your data and customers to manage, control and support operational processes.

Once you have selected a platform, we can use our many years of experience in business transformation to make the changes needed.

Process repository

A process repository provides a central reference location where employees across the business can access process information to understand how things should work. Alongside careful mapping and structuring, we will ensure the right frameworks and governance are in place for ongoing results. For example, by ensuring that all changes are properly controlled and validated.

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Working with a global leader in medical devices we helped to build a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement.

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"Find hidden inefficiencies, and remove them faster, the data is sitting in your system, you just need a way of uncovering it."

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