RPA - Finance Function

Global technology firm

Within five weeks we automated a highly manual finance process. Repetitive work that had previously taken the equivalent of five days can now be completed by the bot in around five minutes.

RPA - Clearing Backlogs

Construction firm

Proservartner worked alongside a construction company whose facility managers were responsible for a large volume of project emails – over 500 per day, which took time away from higher-value tasks.

RPA - Copying Data

Legal firm

Proservartner worked alongside a busy law firm who had thousands of Property lOT records they needed to manually copy from their Microsoft Access Database to a Cloud based environment.

RPA - Credit notes

Global media company

A large media company in Switzerland was struggling with a cumbersome credit note process that was tying up employees across two departments.

RPA - Procurement

Manufacturing company

A manufacturing company had a completely manual process to onboard new suppliers which included several checks such as VAT and IBAN validation through a country-specific website.

RPA - Transaction processing

Accounting firm

Proservartner worked alongside an accounting firm who had complex process for their transactions. This took up valuable time and resources that could be better spent on high- value projects.

"We combine many years of process excellence with the latest technology."

Lukasz, RPA developer

proservartner lukasz

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