Case Studies - Consultancy

Change Management

Global Real Estate Company

When we joined this consolidation and offshoring project, it was clear that involving people affected by the change would make a huge difference…

Coaching and Training

Leading medical device company

Working with a global leader in medical devices we helped to build a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement…

Data and Digital

Telecommunications company

Working to tight timeframes,  our experience delivered a solution that met current objectives to serve teams in multiple countries…

ERP Selection

International media organisation

Working to tight timeframes, we were able to deliver £500,000 of savings each year for this global media organisation…


Renewable energy asset management

We were able to find £500,000 a year of direct savings when designing the  delivery model for this growing organisation…

Process Transformation

International Bank

We delivered a 25% reduction in the time taken to process each case when working with a global bank operation in a complex multi-site environment.

Shared Services

Japanese technology client

Our pragmatic phased delivery approach meant that an ambitious roll out plan was delivered, achieving cost savings, around £1.5 million per year.

GBS and Shared Services

Global manufacturer and retailer

We were able to deliver agreement on a model for global business services where previous attempts had failed, achieving £24 million in annual savings.

Shared Services Design

two UK allied police forces

We were able to achieve 20% time saving for two UK police forces. We challenged fixed mindsets to deliver significant process-led improvements and a future-proof model for shared services.

RPA - Finance Function

Global technology firm

Within five weeks we automated a highly manual finance process. Repetitive work that had previously taken the equivalent of five days can now be completed by the bot in around five minutes.

"We see our role as filling that education gap, and making sure that organisations really understand what they are getting into and how they should use robotic process automation to really drive a competitive advantage for their business."

Rakesh sangani proservartner

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