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The client are one of the largest media organisations in the world, with operations across Europe and with own operations and several joint ventures globally. We were asked to provide experienced, specialist resource to lead several transformation projects within the Finance function, including the selection of a new global ERP system.

Before the project, two divisions were using multiple systems across several countries. Data quality and the ability to work across locations was limited by the current isolated set up of both technology and processes. With several ERP licences coming up for renewal, the organisation recognised the opportunity to consolidate. There were also clear benefits to be gained from moving to a cloud-based solution, removing duplication in terms of multiple premises, installation and licences.

Our aim was to source the best ERP system for the current organisation and their future aspirations, supported by processes that were as lean and as automated as possible.


The organisation had no experience in-house of introducing global processes and systems but needed to act quickly to find a new solution before current licenses would need to be renewed. The project wasn’t well understood within the organisation as there had been little communication with key stakeholders. There was also variation in the perceived need to make the move; one division was experiencing more operational ‘pain’ from their current set up than the other.


Ambitious timeline for procuremen

  • Ensured the requirements were clear from all internal customers so that we could feel confident to move at pace.

  • Structured a process to manage the selection of the new ERP provider including request for information (RFI) and request for proposals (RFP).

  • Leveraged experience from similar projects to steer successful negotiations on price.

Built buy-in through governance and change management

  • Reshaped the steering committee to one that was fit for purpose for a global organisation with senior involvement from all business areas.

  • Introduced structured stakeholder management and regular communication to build awareness and engagement with the project.

Established shared processes and opportunities for automation

  • Led a series of workshops based on our established methodology and experience of optimising processes.

  • Designed a set of global processes that would make the most of the new system’s capability to automate repetitive work.


The selection process followed a smooth path and met the required timeframe thanks to our structured approach and focus on building buy-in across the organisation.

While the client was already forward-thinking in terms of technology, we were able to leverage our expertise in process design and automation to stretch their ideas and show how they could deliver more than anticipated. The project now expects to deliver a £500,000 saving each year.

Alongside the agreed deliverables, the client valued the depth of our practitioner’s experience as we were able to offer advice more broadly whilst on the assignment. In particular, we were able to help the client think through their ambitions for the future and make sure the new set up would facilitate their plans.