Proservartner demonstrates the importance of flexibility when working with GKN Automotive

GKN Automotive needed an agile partner who understood their needs and could deepen their process excellence across 123 countries and transform their finance operations.







4 billion pounds


About GKN Automotive

Driving the future of transportation is GKN Automotive, a major worldwide automotive technology business that has pioneered electric drive systems. Their technologies and innovations made front-wheel drive cars possible and all-wheel drive systems more efficient, and this has paved the way for the development of high-performance eDrive systems. 

“Proservartner provided a degree of flexibility that the Big Four could not bring.”

Simon Newton
Global Business Services & Finance Transformation leader

GKN's challenges

GKN were looking for a consultancy that was going to listen to their requirements, embed themselves in GKN’s operations and understand their challenges. The Proservartner team had to be ready to move quickly when GKN was ready to begin the work. What GKN did not want was a ‘cookie-cutter approach’ from a Big Four consultancy, they wanted a personal, bespoke approach that would adapt to their way of working. They did not have the internal resources to scale efficiently and harness new technologies. 

Proservartner's solution

Simon liked the fact he was able to meet the Proservartner team before working with them and build a personal relationship – something he never experienced with the Big Four. He felt reassured by the teams’ friendly and confident nature and by the ability to have introductory, exploratory discussions before starting the project. Both parties became familiar with how each other worked which led to a close-knit collaboration. 

Benefits of the solution

Unlike the Big Four, our experienced practitioners persisted in learning and deepening their understanding of GKN’s internal structure, offerings and challenges, so they could deliver a better project and maximise its outcomes. Proservartner were able to commence the project faster with no lengthy negotiations on price. We understood their budget and were able to quickly provide an array of solutions that would deliver value in a short space of time. 

A positive, long-term relationship was established with GKN stakeholders by providing a tailored approach having listened carefully to their requirements. Proservartner is supporting GKN moving forwards as they develop a roadmap for even more ambitious process excellence and modernisation projects. 

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