RPA: purchase requisitions

Automotive supplier

A large automative manufacturer had a manual process to handle its purchase requisitions which was frustrating its team.

The challenge

The company had a manual process that required employees to use SAP, email, Excel and a desktop web portal. The workflow was frustrating to the team and took them an average of three hours to handle each of the thirty purchase requests they received each week. It was structured by rule and decision-based logic and included interactive support from users. Because of the large amount of manual work required, the process was wasting staff time and creating errors in processing.

What we delivered

Paper was replaced with a simple, user-friendly web portal that fed purchase requisitions into a bot. The bot then entered the information in SAP, checked for approvals via email and created the purchase orders automatically.

The results

This improved employee experience by reducing the amount of manual work required and accelerated the benefits from digital transformation. We were able to reduce the processing time by 78% and the company saw a return on investment within eight months.

"We see our role as filling that education gap, and making sure that organisations really understand what they are getting into and how they should use robotic process automation to really drive a competitive advantage for their business."

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