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RPA - copying and pasting

Legal firm

Proservartner worked alongside a busy law firm who had thousands of Property lOT records they needed to manually copy from their Microsoft Access Database to a Cloud based environment.

The challenge

In accordance with new data protection laws, this law firm had implemented a cloud based system in which to store their records. Unfortunately this application did not have a method of loading and validating records.

What we delivered

We were able to develop an automated process to read the Excel file, validate each data field and input into the e-conveyancing platform. The interesting thing about this application is that it was only a one-off task but as the firm were busy it was more cost effective for them to automate rather than dedicate staff time.

The challenge

We were able to save the firm an estimated 4500 hours and the bot carried out the process with 100% data entry accuracy. Although this project was seen as a one-off the bot can now be deployed on a repeatable basis for the for next property database.

"We see our role as filling that education gap, and making sure that organisations really understand what they are getting into and how they should use robotic process automation to really drive a competitive advantage for their business."

Pete, Head of innovation hub

proservartner peter

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