RPA - new suppliers

Manufacturing company

A manufacturing company had a completely manual process to onboard new suppliers which included several checks such as VAT and IBAN validation through a country-specific website.

The challenge

The manufacturing firm dealt with a number of small-order and one-off production that meant they often required bespoke and unusual material. In following stringent aerospace standards AS9100D they needed to properly vet any supplier. The delay in doing so often had operational and delivery consequences and so any process which could save time would aid production.

What we delivered

Proservartner were able to build a bot which extracted data from the service provider tool, validated VAT, IBAN, USPS, ABN and checked for duplicate entries within the ERP.

Above and beyond this, the bot also handled vendor creation, changes, blocks, and extensions in SAP FIP following country-specific rules (European and non-European).

The results

This significantly reduced the amount of manual work/rework and created more time, allowing the procurement teams to take a more strategic role in vendor management.

"RPA is a tool that is only suitable for simple,repetitive tasks that most people don't want to do anyway."

Tony, RPA developer

proservartner conor

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