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Chatbots answer questions, help customers and feed enquiries into your sales team.

24/7 availability
Intelligent Answers Thanks To Machine Learning
Send Complex enquiries to your team

Your website is key infrastructure in your sales pipeline, and yet everyday hundreds of potential customers visit and leave. Visitors don’t have time to search through your site hoping to find answers to their burning question, but Chatbots give you 24/7 availability to answer these questions without the need for human supervision.

Although Chatbots have the illusion of simplicity on the front end, there are many hurdles to overcome to create a great experience. Question mapping, analytics, flow optimisation, error checking, integrations to APIs, routing and escalation to live human support, understanding NLP…there are a lot of moving parts to putting together a successful Chatbot but Proservartner’s team of developers can help.

The two types of Chatbots

Rule-Based Chatbots

With a rule-based Chatbot, possible user queries and potential answers are defined in advance. These Chatbots have a smaller knowledge base and limited skills. They can only give correct output based on specific instructions, meaning the questions asked must correspond to their set programming. 

AI Chatbots

In contrast to rule-based bots, Chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence are able to process natural language. This is done with the help of Natural Language Understanding (NLU). AI-based Chatbots are able to learn semi-automatically, and therefore do not need as specific commands. That means bots based on Machine Learning get smarter with every interaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the ability of a programme, like a Chatbot, to learn from the inputs it receives. Thanks to machine learning, Chatbots can remember previous and current inputs (to build up experience), analyse them and deliver more accurate responses.

What kind of websites can a Chatbot work with?

It doesn’t matter what tool or programming language you’ve created your website in. With a small amount of code you can have a fully functioning Chatbot. As an example, the Proservartner website is built on wordpress and our Chatbot is inputted into the footer code.

What is a widget?

A widget is a small application component that enables users to interact with the chat. It’s like a very compact version of the main application which, when clicked, reveals the main chat window. The idea behind is very similar to a system app icon – you click it and the full version of the program is loaded.

What does Implementation look like?

This depends on the type of Chatbot and bot builder or service provider that you chose for your technical implementation. At proservartner, we define and implement individual content together with customers as well as any necessary interfaces to data sources. After the technical setup is done, thorough tests and optimisations are done before the Chatbot is set live. 

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