Proservartner RPA managed services

Fully managed services

License acquisition

Take advantage of Proservartner’s relationships with major automation vendors to enjoy the best rates on licenses and ensure that you get the type and number of licences that suits your business.

Cloud hosting

Proservartner can configure your bot in AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure cloud environments. An advantage to using cloud services is that optimisation and support can be carried out virtually, limiting downtime.


Our friendly team of developers can assist with the ongoing support and service of your bots. Our development team can support remotely for issues that can be resolved either over the phone or by securely, remote-accessing the end user’s system. We can also provide onsite support for more complex or critical issues.

Proservarntner case study

Our client saved over £130,000 in annual savings with over 3800 hours of manual work eliminated through automation of their mortgage breach letters.

"We are with you every step of the way and don't just disappear after deployment."

proservartner arek

Arek, RPA Developer

Our whitepapers give you valuable insight and information.

Our whitepapers give you valuable insight and information.

Our team are always on hand to answer questions, offer opinions and guide you in the right direction.

We host a regular series of events and webinars aimed which are always educational in nature and a great opportunity for senior leaders to network with each other.

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