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If your organisation is encountering change or looking to do more with less then outside help can be invaluable. Proservartner is about more than advice. Our experienced team work alongside your team, in your office to successfully plan, design and implement projects that have a lasting effect.

We consider ourselves small but perfectly formed. We guarantee access to experienced professionals and the team you initially meet will be the team who delivers.

We create cost efficiencies, standardise and optimise processes and enable agile back-office functions that deliver competitive advantage.

Our size allows us to provide significant focus on your needs. We think globally and can deliver wherever necessary to achieve the right solution. We recognise that the context and desired outcome for each client is different.

Our Services
Change Management

70% of transformation programmes fail because of manager behaviours or employee resistance to change.
We understand that making change happen depends on engaging and supporting the people involved.

Strategy and Framework Design: Our tried and tested change management methodology builds sustainable transformation. Our tools have been developed and honed over many years, and we know they work. We will create a model and framework for change that supports people at all levels.

Deployment: Not only does our team plan and design change but we can work collaboratively with you on the ground to ensure successful deployment. The right solution can take weeks, month or years, but we will be with you every step of the way. Even after completing your programme of work, it is crucial to reinforce your change program to ensure it becomes permanent.

Communication: For change to be successful, it needs to be locally owned and delivered. Our approach focuses on communicating frequently, with tailored messages delivered through appropriate channels. We want to allow individuals to feel listened to as part of the approach and to win hearts and minds.

Process Improvement

Lean Diagnostics: Proservartner’s Lean Diagnostic assessment provides a useful platform for an organisation to identify waste or non-value added activities, current strengths and weaknesses, and improvement opportunities. The assessment will also facilitate the development of a Lean implementation strategy and action plan to fully integrate Lean principles into an organisation. The scope of the Lean Diagnostic assessment will be customised in accordance to the organisation’s needs.

Organisational Restructure Proservartner can apply a range of organisational structures to suit your business and desired outcomes. This could be Lean Management, Six Sigma, Agile or employing organisational change to ensure process improvement. Proservartner will work with stakeholders and those on the front line to install a successful end-to-end process.

Automation: Automation is a fantastic tool in creating standardised processes that are then carried out by virtual workers. We can help you assess which processes can/should be automated, select the right technology and fully implement.

GBS and Shared Services

With a heritage in setting up shared services and vast experience in helping organisations design, implement and optimise new models of delivery.

Design: In order to produce an informed design and plan of action we will undergo a detailed data capture covering workforce information, system landscape data, organisation charts and other relevant sources of information. This will provide the core data for us to benchmark current practices against desired outcomes. We can then form a plan of delivery incorporating: a detailed communication plan, technology and work environment plans, service management model, change management plan and knowledge transfer plan.

Plan and Implement: With a clear plan of action, our seasoned professionals will work collaboratively with your team to implement all transition plans. Naturally, as a project progresses from paper to reality, plans may need to be amended and controlled and we will support you throughout this process.

Stabalise and Optimise: After a new operating model has successfully been installed and stabilised, Proservartner can then assist with the ongoing measurement, analysis and improvement of process efficiencies, staff capabilities and through the implementation of technology.

Finance transformation

Analysis: Conducting a fact-based analysis is a crucial first step in our process. Only through effective benchmarking and performance diagnostics can recommendations be made. Factors we take into account include current costs, pain points and opportunities, current standardisation of processes, regulatory requirements and any anticipated resistance.

Strategy: Our approach to strategy development is comprehensive, rapid and collaborative; using our senior team in a workshop environment with client stakeholders. Our structured approach will inform your thinking to quickly take you from considering a new way of working to being confident in a practical way forward.

Design: We focus on design that is simple, agile, cost-effective and that will deliver the outcome and value required. Our team is made up of senior practitioners with many years of practical, hands-on experience who will take the reality of where your organisation is today, where you want to go, and build an achievable roadmap.

Implement: Our team will roll up their sleeves and work alongside you, solving problems, overcoming barriers and marching everyone towards a common goal. We can oversee both project management and change management elements and successfully transition your operations into smarter, streamlined ways of working.


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