Insurance Roundtable

Topic: Automation of document ingestion & Hyperautomation Strategy




2:00-3:30pm (UK)


CTOs, Automation Leaders, Chief Underwriters & CCOs


10 Places. First come, first served

Trust in the insurance industry is at an all time low, as organisations face radical and long term changes post pandemic, how can automation support them during this period of uncertainty?

Document intake is at the core of the insurance landscape. Carriers require a myriad of forms, letters, PDFs, emails and other correspondence from a variety of stakeholders to enable functions such as underwriting, claims and policy administration.

One of the key problems in the industry is ‘intake’ of data from business partners. When brokers send data to carriers or when carriers send data to reinsurers, they send data in variety of formats in the form of excel or pdf files. A large number of people, often in the hundreds are required to map this data and process it manually. There are several opportunities for the streamlining and removal of human error during this intake process.

Using document ingestion as a starting point, how can organisations expand their hyperautomation strategies and begin branching into other areas of the business. We will spend some time discussing how to achieve sustainable programme growth and how to maximise the utilisation of your hyperautomation tools.

In this roundtable, Proservartner will talk to 10 industry leaders, all at different  stages of their automation journey to discuss the impact on downstream activities that automation can bring, potential pitfalls and key learnings.

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