Local Government Roundtable

Topic: Automation & Leveraging Technology




11:00-12:00pm (UK)


CFOs, Finance Managers & Portfolio Directors


10 Places. First come, first served

Local government is undergoing a fundamental challenge and change, not least having to show local leadership to lead and protect vulnerable people in its communities. The experience is driving a renewal in local government and, at a time when efficiency pressures continue, is prompting many to accelerate digital transformation and embrace new technologies such as Intelligent Automation.

Intelligent Automation technology such as Robotic Process Automation, Smart OCR, Process Mining, Chatbots and Machine Learning Tools are freeing up staff time away from transactions to deliver higher value work whilst improving productivity and the customer experience.

This roundtable puts the spotlight on Intelligent Automation, explains what it means and how it can be implemented as part of a broader technology roadmap to deliver value to councils, and their workforces and customers.

This informal roundtable discussion will involve senior leaders and industry experts covering the topics of:

  • How Intelligent Automation works and what the benefits are
  • How organisations are automating their processes using real life use cases
  • How to introduce Intelligent Automation into an organisation
  • What should be considered when adopting new technology
  • Q&A

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