CFO Roundtable

Topic: Cash Optimisation Strategies




15:00-16:30pm (UK)




8 Places. First come, first served

Chief Financial Officers are searching for new ways to be financially flexible and tightly managing cash and working capital. The power of process automation and cultural change can help companies to access the money trapped in the balance sheets of organisations through the implementation of automatic operations. Better processes, an optimal operating model and enabling technology will help leaders to regain control and have better financial stability over their cash strategy.

 The aim of this session is to explore the opportunities of businesses to improve their cash optimisation strategies. We will cover:

  • Successful strategies in optimising cash
  • Lessons learned in technology
  • ERP vs addon tools
  • Enabling your workforce to maximise performance

Our exclusive roundtable will gather industry leaders to discuss the available Cash Optimisation Strategies and how automation can help achieve a more controlled and efficient cash optimisations strategy.

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