CFO Roundtable

Topic: People and the new Normal




15:00-16:30pm (UK)




7 Places. First come, first served

Chief Financial Directors have seen differences in work performance and satisfaction of employees during the pandemic. Companies and their people have experienced a steep learning curve in adapting during this time their work practices and many have determined how to work in a new normal while others are still struggling with the post-pandemic repercussions. Evolving trends in employees demands will force companies to take decisions over their working culture and whether to return physically to work, stay on a full remote strategy or adopting a hybrid between the two.

The aim of this session is to explore the most effective people strategies that businesses have employed and plan to implement. We will cover:

  • Successful practices with key insights from real examples
  • The importance of company culture
  • How the CFO and financial leadership are adapting leadership styles in the new normal
  • The evolution of career paths in finance

Our exclusive roundtable will gather 7 industry leaders to discuss the most important aspect of your business, people

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