CFO Roundtable

Topic: Process or Technology- What Comes First?




12:30-14:00pm (UK)




7 Places. First come, first served

We live in a constantly evolving age, where improving operational performance is essential to business. Organisations now need to keep up with the pace of the changing technology and this can present challenges. But the first step to keeping up is should you change the process or the technology first?

In our exclusive roundtable events, we gather 7 industry leaders to discuss and debate how to deliver successful automation programmes in finance. This will include:

·        Process discovery

·        Automate as much as possible as fast as possible

·        Macro vs micro automations

·        Building the process automation framework

·        Choosing the right automation technology


The aim of the session is to give a practical perspective of what really happens when it comes to process transformation and automation, and how to get the best results in these areas. 

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