CIO Roundtable

Topic: Building a Hyperautomation Business Case


WED MAY 19th


15:00-16:00pm (UK)




7 Places. First come, first served

How can your organisation embrace automation and get the most out of new technology? There are several factors. The first is ensuring you have the right foundations, fully understand your processes and infrastructure and your team is onboard. Then there is finding the right technology to solve your problem and of course actually building bots to carry out the task. Many operational leaders can see the potential for automation within their organisation but may lack of knowledge of the technology to put together a comprehensive business plan with clear timelines and demonstrable return on investment.

In our exclusive roundtable events, we gather 7 industry leaders to discuss and debate business case development. This will include:

  • How to choose the right processes to automate
  • When and how to get stakeholders involved
  • How to understand the cost and complexity of automating one process over another
  • Running a proof of concept

The aim of the session is to give you a comprehensive understanding of which elements are needed to build a robust business case within your business, understand some of the hurdles of implementation and enable you to take a smoother journey on your road to automation.

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