Shared Services Roundtable

Topic: Moving your SSC/GBS up the value chain




9:30-11:00am (UK)


SSC and GBS leaders


10 Places. First come, first served

If you look at the economic situation for the next twelve to eighteen months, it will be a rather difficult period. The business climate is bad; companies are cutting costs and tightening their cash positions. The interesting thing is that although the economy is not that good, this is when shared services shine. During the good times, it is quite challenging to convey a cost reduction message for moving people and processes offshore. This message is easier to get across during an economic downturn. The next priority is naturally process efficiency; which if you look at it, it will drive cost reduction as well. The top two priorities focus more on cost. The third priority is on customer satisfaction, which is often expected – so it is quite consistent with the current economic climate.

As Shared Service centre continue to change and evolve, our roundtable will discuss how to ensure that and promote them within the orgaisation and up the value chain.

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