GBS Roundtable

Topic: Next generation GBS




9:30-11:00am (UK)


GBS leaders


10 Places. First come, first served

The new GBS organisations are multifunctional, centrally governed service centre networks focused on end-to-end process delivery across the globe.

We’ve also seen an evolution beyond transactional shared services toward value-add/enabling operations, which has had geographic implications as well. Cost reduction was historically the primary driver for shared services. Unsurprisingly, traditional shared services/BPOs were often clustered together in low cost locations capable of delivering transactional activities. As companies sited operations in the same cities, competition often eroded labor arbitrage, prompting an interest in frontier cities offering a value play. Investment slowly shifted away from the more mature, relatively expensive cities to new destinations as companies chased arbitrage on transactional services.

In Proservartner’s round table discussion we will be talking about the changing face of GBS and how organisations can transition towards these new models.

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