SAP s4Hana User Group

Topic: Business Case & Accelerator Tools




1:30-3:00pm (UK)


CIOs, Transformation Leaders, Data Officers & Business Sponsors


10 Places. First come, first served

With the impending SAP deadline to complete transition to S4Hana, many organisations need to collaboratively align IT with business operations, rationalise the investment decisions across their Transformation portfolios, develop new operating strategies that will exploit this new platform, and avoid failings of previous large scale technology initiatives.

Businesses are now preparing for the significant investment and building their “cases for change”. Leadership and IT sponsors are developing plans that provide the “optimal” transition route to meet both technical and business expectations. Accelerators are being deployed to standardise operations, including the deployment of a suite of automation tools including Business Process Management (BPM).

Implementation leads are planning for, and finding, the right capabilities and partners (eg Systems Integrators) to deliver these major initiatives, at the right commercials. These preparation activities require modified operating structures and agile working relationships. All this, on the background of significant economic shocks of the pandemic.

The session gathers CIOs, Transformation Leaders, Data Officers and Business Sponsors to discuss how they have prepared and run their business cases and which accelerator tools have been considered (and implemented successfully). Talking points include:

  • What is driving the Business Case for transition to S4Hana and what are the best practice actions to align Business and Technical users to achieve a return on investment?
  • What intelligent automation is being used in advance of the S4Hana initiative to mitigate process and business change during implementation and transition, and how successful is this?
  • What “Preparation Lessons” have added most value to the implementation? (eg SI Selection, Cloud Transition, Portfolio of Change management)

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