Shared Services Roundtable

Insourcing vs Outsourcing: Tips, Trends and Challenges




15:00-16:30pm (UK)


shared Services


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Twenty years ago analysts predicted that organisations would not have captive shared services and instead, outsourcing would be the operating model of choice for all organisations. What we have seen in recent years is an increasing number of business insourcing activities from their BPO provider.

The onset of automation has been an accelerator in this respect, as businesses recognise that a lot of the characteristics of what you outsource, is consistent with activities that can be automated.

Considering the above, outsourcing is not yet dead and plenty of businesses are still going through 1st, 2nd, or more outsourcing renewals.

In our exclusive roundtable events, we gather 7 industry leaders to discuss and debate what companies should be aware of when choosing between Insourcing and outsourcing. This will include:

  • Why businesses still outsource?
  • The benefits of 3rd party capability
  • Why do we believe insourcing is a growing trend?
  • Should we insource or outsource our business processes?

The aim of the session is to explore the options and considerations of outsourcing vs insourcing -process, costs, limitations and outcomes choosing the most efficient option available.

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