Senior Finance Roundtable

AR Moves To a Different Beat


TUE 19th July


16:00-18:00pm (UK)


Subject Matter Experts


7 Places. First come, first served

Accounts receivable is a prime source of liquidity in any organisation and can impact the company’s decisions significantly. While Accounts receivable is being pushed by the need for improved liquidity and cashflow, the pressures of immaculate customer experience is pressing accounts receivable in the reverse direction. Amidst conflicting expectations and rising pressures, AR has come a long way leveraging technology and data.

Join us for a small, private workshop in central London where we gather 7 industry leaders for an in-person, relaxed discussion of the challenges everyone faces, solutions we have all found and what the future of finance looks like.

This session will combine Proservartner practitioner-led expertise with a subject matter expert from Blackline in accounting modernisation. Here’s a rough guide for our conversation:

  • Is your Accounts Receivable efficient?
  • Are your ratios stacking up against the industry benchmarks?
  • Have you leveraged the right technologies and data?

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