Senior Finance Leaders Roundtable

Counting The Cost Of Traditional accounting


THU 14th July


16:00-18:00pm (UK)


Subject Matter Experts


7 Places. First come, first served

Manual accounting processes are one of the biggest frustrations of every accountant: repetitive work, endless spreadsheets, and late nights at month end. This contributes to high costs and demotivated staff leaving at the same time as already-increasing costs and a shortage of talent.

Digitisation offers a solution to rising costs and the difficulty in finding and retaining talent. But how should organizations prioritize their digitisation efforts? And how can F&A leaders accelerate the transition to a digital future in the new distributed work environment?

A key to solving manual accounting challenges – and a first step in any modern accounting journey – is applying automation to redeploy lean teams to higher-value activities. With a guided pathway, organisations can implement quick wins to increase efficiency, accuracy and collaboration across F&A processes.

Join us for an in-person roundtable in central London for a discussion on the value of modernising accounting tasks.

We will explore:

  • Common issues in accounting and the challenges our attendees are facing
  • How the talent shortage is driving automation
  • Finance as a function becoming a better business partner and doing more than transactional churn-type tasks
  • Capturing and communicating R2R activities at month end
  • Tactical vs. strategic projects/use cases to deliver immediate and long term impact

Our exclusive roundtable will gather 7 leaders in finance for a relaxed discussion and opportunity to share modernisation success stories, words of warning for others and plans for the future.

Email events organiser Jordan ( to secure your place and share what you would like on the agenda.

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