In a world where data is the new currency, businesses are looking for their Finance teams to become more flexible, more efficient and to provide greater levels of service. The expectation for back-office processes today is that of lean and more responsive functions, with a particular emphasis on finance to deliver critical data to drive business performance as a whole. Proservartner have a niche in finance transformation, whether that be organisational, process led or through automation.

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New Operating Models

Analysis: Conducting a fact-based analysis is a crucial first step in our process. Only through effective benchmarking and performance diagnostics can recommendations be made. Factors we take into account include current costs, pain points and opportunities, current standardisation of processes, regulatory requirements and any anticipated resistance.

Strategy: Our approach to strategy development is comprehensive, rapid and collaborative; using our senior team in a workshop environment with client stakeholders. Our structured approach will inform your thinking to quickly take you from considering a new way of working to being confident in a practical way forward.

Design: We focus on design that is simple, agile, cost-effective and that will deliver the outcome and value required. Our team is made up of senior practitioners with many years of practical, hands-on experience who will take the reality of where your organisation is today, where you want to go, and build an achievable roadmap.

Implement: Our team will roll up their sleeves and work alongside you, solving problems, overcoming barriers and marching everyone towards a common goal. We can oversee both project management and change management elements and successfully transition your operations into smarter, streamlined ways of working.

Intelligent Automation

Finance processes are rules based and have structured data which makes them ripe for automation. Nearly 70% of all automation projects start in the finance function and as a top 10 UK partner to both UiPath and automation Anywhere, we are well placed to help you on your journey.

Automation strategy: Proservartner combines many years of functional, technical and management experience to demonstrate the impact of successful RPA implementation. In a short amount of time we can conduct a feasibility assessment, select the right vendor(s) for you and lay out a roadmap for implementation.

RPA development: Our team of developers will work alongside you to implement your bot. RPA requires no custom software or deep systems integration and so disruption to your organisation is minimal. We can provide bots that are hosted either in the cloud (yours or our hosted cloud) or on your premises and will manage the entire testing and deployment cycle. 

Smart OCR: Digitise data from scanned documents and PDFs with the new, advanced OCR technology which can easily be integrated with RPA to provide end-to-end processes in areas such as invoice processing.

Data Mining and Mapping: Task mining, Process Mining and Business Process Mapping are all tools you can use to dig deep into your structure and uncover bottlenecks, refine processes and ensure consistency of approach across your organisation.

Moving Finance to SSC or GBS models

Process Improvement Specialists with training on lean six sigma, we can effectively eliminate waste, and split processes between the retained (local businesses) and the shared services capability.

Location feasibility: We can advise on the skills that you can find in different location and help you make the new operating model combining a CoE with transactional processing.

Operating model: Get your shared services operating model right, with appropriate governance frameworks, KPIs, organisational structures and global process owner models.

Process Efficiency: Process Improvement Specialists with training on lean six sigma,we can effectively eliminate waste, and split processes between the retained (local businesses) and the shared services capability.


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