With a heritage in setting up shared services and vast experience in helping organisations design, implement and optimise new models of delivery. Many shared services centres have had to work enormously hard in recent months to adapt to home working. Organisations who had said for years ‘it couldn’t be done’ had no choice but to prove themselves wrong! We all know that there are more challenges ahead, and in these times of uncertainty it can be useful to have an impartial and experienced source to go to.

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Location Assessment

When you make the decision to embark on the shared services journey or expand operations, the facility location question will be top of mind for your stakeholders and shared services operations (SSO) leader. Finding a strategic location for your SSO is an important and challenging decision that can impact your cost efficiencies and long-term talent pool. There are many criteria to consider and stakeholder preferences to manage. Thankfully, following our structured approach to selecting a geographic location provides the opportunity to gain stakeholder buy-in, which is critical to the success of your SSC or GBS.

We analyse potential locations based on five key factors – strategy alignment, cost, skills availability, risk and infrastructure and then
provided transition specialists: practitioners with relevant experience and strong project management skills, to put the plan into place as part of a joint team.

New Operating Models

In order to produce an informed design and plan of action we will undergo a detailed data capture covering workforce information, system landscape data, organisation charts and other relevant sources of information. This will provide the core data for us to benchmark current practices against desired outcomes. We can then form a plan of delivery incorporating: a detailed communication plan, technology and work environment plans, service management model, change management plan and knowledge transfer plan.

With a clear plan of action, our seasoned professionals will work collaboratively with your team to implement all transition plans. Naturally, as a project progresses from paper to reality, plans may need to be amended and controlled and we will support you throughout this process.

After a new operating model has successfully been installed and stabilised, Proservartner can then assist with the ongoing measurement, analysis and improvement of process efficiencies, staff capabilities and through the implementation of technology.

Process Improvement

Implementing any kind of change whilst continuing business-as-usual activity is always difficult and it can be expedient to bring in outside expertise to help you review and adapt your processes in an efficient manner.

Conducting a fact-based analysis is a crucial first step in our process. Only through effective benchmarking and performance diagnostics can recommendations be made. Factors we take into account include current costs, pain points and opportunities, current standardisation of processes, regulatory requirements and any anticipated resistance.

Our approach to strategy development is comprehensive, rapid and collaborative; using our senior team in a workshop environment with client stakeholders. Our structured approach will inform your thinking to quickly take you from considering a new way of working to being confident in a practical way forward. We focus on design that is simple, agile, cost-effective and that will deliver the outcome and value required.

Our team will roll up their sleeves and work alongside you, solving problems, overcoming barriers and marching everyone towards a common goal. We can oversee both project management and change management elements and successfully transition your operations into smarter, streamlined ways of working.

Intelligent Automation

An end-to-end service from diagnostic, roadmap and development of automation technology such as RPA, process mining, smart OCR, chatbots, task capture and others.

Intelligent Automation is a term that describes a holistic solution for digital transformation. It combines multiple technologies which, when closely aligned to your business model, can significantly improve efficiency. With our in house team of developers, our trusted partners in technology and our experienced team of transformation specialists, Proservartner are the ideal partner to unlock efficiency through automation.

Process Mapping: True process competitiveness comes with a deep understanding of how things are working and where shifts are possible. Proservartner uses tools such as process mining, task mining and business process mapping in order to identify the 'true state' of how your organisation runs.

Robotic Process Automation: RPA can automate rules-based tasks and is ideal for the removal of low-value but high frequency processes that involve retyping of data, collation of information from different sources and much more. This technology works with the software, servers and online to re-enact processes as a human would do it, but at a much faster speed. Proservartner work alongside a number of technology partners in order to automate processes. We combine practical experience with an in-house development team in order to implement digital transformation quickly.

OCR: Optical Character Recognition is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents or PDF files into editable and searchable data. when combined with RPA this enables the end-to-end processing of documents.(for example invoice processing)


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