How Do I Expand?

Many organisations struggle to significantly expand their automation past a few bots.

Effective planning is the cornerstone of any improvement strategy but with the rate of changes to technology being so quick, how can you create a robust plan, which can still be enacted in 4 or 5 years time?

Proservartner understand that few organisations globally are truly mature when it comes to automation and a major failing in this is underestimating the people element when considering technology.

Creating a roadmap

Change Management

Implementing new technology

Centre of Excellence

Creating a Roadmap

Proservartner can help deliver a plan using Agile methodology which seeks to first and foremost to deliver effective processes taking into account current process maturity, people and technology available. We can create a long-term vision of how automation can be embraced to the heart of your organisation and its goals, which creates clear actions independent of the ever-changing nature of technology.

Change Management

One of the most common mistakes we see often see when organisations implement automation is underestimating the people element. Change management is a collective term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and businesses in making organisational change. Click below to see our guide as to how to make the transition as smooth as possible…

Implementing New Technology

According to an MIT study, 78% of business leaders believe upgrading their systems is critical for their organisation’s ability to maintain a competitive advantage. Yet, 63% also said their organisations are slow to adopt new technology. Part of the reason they hesitate is that, though new technology is capable of producing huge gains, many companies don’t realise the full benefits due to poor implementation. Proservartner’s team comprises of both technical people and change enablers and we can help you ensure that technology not only integrates into your ecosystem, but your organisation too.

Centre of excellence

The days when you could derive a competitive benefit by simply automating some process are long gone. A Centre Of Excellence manages automation capabilities and focuses attention, treats automation as an ongoing project requiring regular planning, testing, and evaluation.

In order to built a successful CoE, you need to establish the right model, location and recruitment. Many CoE’s strike a balance between professional and citizen developers and so ongoing training is also a key factor. The advantage in having outside help in the set-up of a CoE is speed, cost reduction and having a clear vision.

case Study

This aerospace manufacturing firm dealt with a number of small-order and one-off production that meant they often required bespoke and unusual material. In following stringent aerospace standards (AS9100D) they needed to properly vet any supplier. The delay in doing so often had operational and delivery consequences and so any process which could save time would aid production.

We were able to build a bot using Robotic Process Automation (Uipath) which extracted data from the service provider tool, validated VAT, IBAN, USPS, ABN and checked for duplicate entries within the ERP. Above and beyond this, the bot also handled vendor creation, changes, blocks, and extensions in SAP FIP following country specific rules (European and non-European).

Before the automation the team needed to onboard around 50 new suppliers each month, which took around 20 minutes each time, adding up to 2 business days a month and a yearly cost of around £3000. We were able to achieve a return on investment in 12 months,

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