Hands-On Session

Topic: Leveraging process automation to optimise the employee experience


TUE March 22nd


13:00-14:00pm (UK)


Subject Matter Experts


20 Places. First come, first served

Join this interactive hands-on session to discover how to empower customers to orchestrate their workflows. This live demo will show you how automation can be used to scale your business, the benefits of using BPM for digitizing your HR processes, and an opportunity to ask questions. 

Prosevartner CEO Rakesh Sangani and FireStart’s Chief People Officer Benedict Stacke will show in detail how to create, automate and orchestrate an employee onboarding workflow using FireStart.

Our agenda:

  • Welcome to our attendees and panelists
  • Introduction to FireStart
  • Live Demonstration of Employee Onboarding Workflow
  • Q&A 

Our private gathering will bring together 20 leaders for a relaxed discussion on overcoming the complexities involved in streamlining processes, implementing automation and more.

Email our events organiser jordan.ratcliffe@proservartner.co.uk to find out the full details and join us on the day.

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