Hyperautomation is a term that describes a holistic solution for digital transformation.

It combines multiple technologies which, when closely aligned to your business model, can significantly improve efficiency. Automation is not about replacing humans, it’s about replacing dull and repetitive tasks that are better suited to machines. 

Proservartner have built an onshore team of developers and transformation specialists that enable us to start and scale your automation programme. We are gold and selected partners to all of the major vendors in this space and can offer a truly impartial viewpoint on how to unlock efficiency through automation.

Technology Explained

Starting Your Journey

How To Expand

In Your Industry

Technology Explained

With so many different technologies and acronyms, it’s no wonder people get confused. Click below for a broad overview of some of the technologies Proservartner can leverage to help your organisation achieve its goals.

Starting your Journey

While many are aware of the potential benefits of automation, few understand how to build a robust business case and ensure their project can meet an expected return on investment. For those wondering how to select the right processes for automation, gather and engage stakeholders and ensure ROI, Proservartner have put together the following guide…

How Do I expand?

Once one technology has been successfully implemented and stabilised and the benefits begin to show, many organisations get excited about the prospect of what else automation can do for them. Scaling your automation effort from a few bots to hundreds is no easy feat but Proservartner can help…

Automation In Your Industry

Automation can be applied to every industry, but what processes are most suitable? Our experienced team have looked at some common processes in different functions and industries to evaluate their suitability for automation.

case Study

Proservartner worked with one of the largest sub-contract manufacturers in the UK who were looking to help free up time for their business development team by automating features of the RFQ process. 

We created a bot using Robotic Process Automation configured to check several websites for relevant RFQs. The bot used predetermined search criteria to search for relevant opportunities and export them in whichever format is desired for review. (In this case a Microsoft Excel file) This was then reviewed by a member of the business development team as a follow-up. When a job was deemed right for quotation, another bot would fill in many of the standard form entries such as machine capacity and environmental credentials which previously would need to be copied and pasted or retyped. This saved hours of time every day for the business development team which freed them up to spend more time visiting and prospecting clients.

The business saw a return on investment in 9 months and by freeing up the team to spend more time with current clients they were able to grow internal accounts by 18%.

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