Shared Services & GBS Roundtable

Topic: Influencing key decision makers




9:30-11:00am (UK)


SSC and GBS leaders


10 Places. First come, first served

Increasingly, business natives are taking the helm of GBS or Shared Services models. And that’s a logical decision on the part of the CXO; after all, who knows how the company adopts changes in business model better than a loyal, tenured, trusted exec who knows the handshakes, where the skeletons are buried, has been drinking the Kool-Aid for many years and can actually get things done?

Of course we all know its not as simple as that!

As SSCs and GBS are now moving towards a model of being multifunctional, centrally governed service center networks focused on end-to-end process delivery across the globe.

Yet starting off on this long-term journey can be difficult, so how can an SSO sell this journey to key stakeholders?

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