Intelligent Automation is a term that describes a holistic solution for digital transformation.

It combines multiple technologies which, when closely aligned to your business model, can significantly improve efficiency.

With our in house team of developers, our trusted partners in technology and our experienced team of transformation specialists, Proservartner are the ideal partner to unlock efficiency through automation.

21 Certified developers

11 Business analysts

8 Solution Architects

5 Infrastructure Specialists

How can your organisation embrace automation and get the most out of new technology? There’s several factors. The first is ensuring you have the right foundations, fully understand your processes and infrastructure and your team is onboard. Then there’s finding the right technology to solve your problem and of course actually building virtual bots to carry out the task. With our in-house development team based in the UK coupled with experienced business analysts, the Proservartner team can take you through every step of the journey.

Our Automation Services
Process Mapping

True process competitiveness comes with a deep understanding of how things are working and where shifts are possible.

Process/Task Mining: Process mining uses business data in your operational systems to describe a process by telling you which and when steps have occurred. Task mining looks at user interaction data on a desktop to describe everything done by users to accomplish those steps.

Process Diagnostics: We have a range of tried and tested diagnostic tools that will be used alongside workshops with your team to identify areas for improvement. Ongoing data analysis will also enable you to continually improve your business processes and workflows.

Workflow Repository: A workflow repository provides a central reference location where employees across the business can access process information to understand how things should work. Alongside careful mapping and structuring, we will ensure the right frameworks and governance are in place for ongoing results.

OCR - Intelligent Data Capture

OCR is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents or PDF files into editable and searchable data.

How it works: When a document, say a PDF is loaded into the software it will analyse that document and divide it into different elements such as text blocks, tables, images. From here it will then divide the lines of text into words and then into characters. From here it applies pattern recognition, to apply logic as to what the extracted text is and will present you with the recognised text.

Combining with RPA: By combining OCR technology with OCR data can be digitised and then instantly processed. RPA could take the digital data and populate an ERP system, or run a match between invoices and Purchase Orders as an example.

Automating Processes

Proservartner work alongside a number of technology partners in order to automate processes. We combine practical experience with an in-house development team in order to implement digital transformation quickly. (sometimes in weeks!)

Attended and Unattended RPA: Where tasks are high in volume but low in value, are rules based and mundane in nature then automating them may be common sense. Not only can we develop bots, but we can help you build strategy, set up a Centre of Excellence and really embrace automation into the heart of your organisation. We work closely with all the major RPA vendors and can offer insight as to which technology will work best for you.

AI Fabric: AI Fabric allows you to deploy and manage Machine Learning models and link them into an RPA workflow. This allows for a higher degree of complexity within the automated process. For example, AI Fabric could extract critical information from millions of non-standard invoices to input it into an Accounts Payable system.

RPA Training: Proservartner can provide awareness training to your team so they fully understand and will be ready to embrace automation technology as well as training up your own internal team as developers.

Managed Services

Our friendly and knowledgable team can help you with the ongoing management and support of your automation technology.

License acquisition: Take advantage of Proservartner’s relationships with major automation vendors to enjoy the best rates on licenses and ensure that you get the type and number of licences that suits your business.

Cloud Services: Proservartner can configure your bot in AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure cloud environments. An advantage to using cloud services is that optimisation and support can be carried out virtually, limiting downtime.

Technical Support: Our friendly team of developers can assist with the ongoing support and service of your bots. Our development team can support remotely for issues that can be resolved either over the phone or by securely, remote-accessing the end user’s system. We can also provide onsite support for more complex or critical issues.


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