How do I leverage technology?

There is so much noise about technology as a disruptor in the Shared Services space, and it’s easy to understand why.

With many rules-based processes and clearly defined metrics for success, technologies like automation has been well documented.

This doesn’t mean that choosing the right technology or vendor is straight forward, with so many different applications all promising similar results, understanding which technologies can help and will be around for a number of years is difficult, but Proservartner can help.

Choosing the right technology

ERP Implementation

Moving to S4Hana

Technology Lifecycles

Choosing the right technology

The plethora of technological solutions can be baffling. The rate of change and enhancements makes it difficult to keep up to date as to which vendor and solution may be best for a particular problem. It is key to analyse your business problems and select software that cannot only solve today’s issues but that can grow with you organisation and its needs. Proservartner are independent consultants, we have a strong relationship with many of the leading technology providers and can offer an honest and experience-based viewpoint as to what will work for your organisation.

ERP implementation

On its surface, ERP implementation seems as simple as installing new software, transferring data and training your team how to use it. It is perhaps because of this perceived ease of transition that so many implementation projects fail. From establishing a project team to creating a change management and communication plan, to accurately forecasting budgets and migrating data, Proservartner can help your organisation through every stage of ERP implementation including training users and ensuring stabilisation of the whole project.

Moving to S4/hana

The move to S/4HANA is a strategic imperative for SAP.The CIO has to persuade the business that SAP S/4HANA is not just a great business enabler, but that the overall solution proposed is leveraging the best of enabling intelligent automation (IA) and the cloud, and that the change to business operations and capabilities can be achieved to optimise the overall investment. Proservartner are proven change enablers for this type of major technical and business change. We support the CIO and Business Sponsors work together to ensure the roadmap/plans and case for change are understood, viable with clear accountabilities, and endorsed by the business.

Technology Lifecycles

Technology is a powerful driver of both the evolution and proliferation of innovation. The IT environment is constantly evolving – operating systems are upgraded, new hardware is added, and new applications are launched. This ecosystem of connected and interdependent resources must be managed to ensure everything runs smoothly and is kept up-to-date, which can be a daunting task. Knowing when and which technologies to invest in can be difficult with the speed of advancement only getting quicker. Proservartner can help you establish lifecycle management practices – knowing where your risk areas are, which technologies may be relevant today and which will allow you to fulfil business objectives tomorrow.

case Study

Bridgestone had created a centralised accounting centre in Poland. The retained organisation had not been correctly designed leaving part roles in place, resulting in an adversarial relationship with the new accounting centre. Duplication of tasks between the teams –no clear roles and responsibilities of the activities and no standardised processes and process documentation.

Proservartner performed end to end diagnostic and benchmarking on process, people and technology and developed an action plan. We converted the centralised accounting centre to a shared service with standardised common processes. Developed a service management framework with customers Focus on process improvement, lean and standardisation along with technology changes.

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