Order 2 Cash Roundtable

Topic: Automation Services And Their Complexities


THU September 23rd


11:00-12:30pm (UK)


Subject Matter Experts


10 Places. First come, first served

The pandemic has put a new focus on efficiency and effectiveness for businesses. Automation is a key enabling tool in this regard.

Automation isn’t a one-off project though. It is a huge mindset change in the organisation that stops the common practice talented employees being buried under low-value tasks.

The aim of this event will be to put a spotlight on auotmation services in Order 2 Cash (ie. account receivables). Our roundtables aims to explore the steps that businesses should take to overcome the difficulties inherent in introducing automation. We will cover:

  • Automating key aspects of the Order To Cash cycle through different methods – whether to use specific RPA to tackle tasks or use a platform to automate the end-to-end process.
  • Obstacles are the complexity in the process – some can be overcome and solved by RPA or process mining but some require a platform.
  • The solution is either RPA, Process Mining, a platform…or all three.

Our exclusive roundtable will gather 10 industry leaders for a relaxed discussion on overcoming the complexities involved in implement automation.

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