Welcome to your exclusive O2C space

By accepting our invitation you have taken the first step towards getting ahead and connecting with a select group of senior peers in the Order To Cash space. Below we have our event schedule: roundtables made with for you.

But first, here is where we see the O2C space in late 2021.

The Proservartner Perspective

You know better than anyone that the challenging environment many organisations currently find themselves in means Order To Cash is getting special attention.

Businesses are focusing in on assessing and monitoring credit risk and forecasting plus accelerating cashflow, mitigating bad risk and helping customers through difficult times instead of losing them are all more important than ever before.

Our community is small by design but we keep it convivial. We regularly hold small, private gatherings to discuss how to successfully modernise the finance function.

Benefits we look to realise include:

  • Faster conversion of receivables, leading to lower DSO.
  • Lower bad debt using real-time credit risk mitigation.
  • Reducing costs with e-invoicing.
  • ePOD (Proof Of Delivery) notes trigger faster invoice presentation to customers.
  • Lower straight-through cash posting rates.
  • Faster dispute resolution with AI-based deduction validation.
  • Enhanced customer experience with self-service payment portals.

   We are scheduling a series of roundtable events so we can better share, connect and learn from each other. Care to join us?

O2C events

Proservartner regularly runs intimate roundtables so we can all share, connect and learn from each other within the community. Here is your one-stop-shop for all our finance-related events.

WED 19 JANUARY 15:00-16:30

THU 03 FEBRUARY 15:00-16:30

THU 07 APRIL 15:00-16:30

THU 02 JUNE 15:00-16:30

Interested in learning more about these events? Contact paul.beardsmore@proservartner.co.uk for more information and how to join.

Case Studies

Looking for real-life inspiration on solving finance function challenges? Take a look at some of our latest work:

The Big Read On O2C

Discover more of the Proservartner perspective by checking out our O2C opinion articles. Are these areas ripe for quick wins or are they difficult to automate from your experience? Let us know at one of our roundtable events!

Get In touch

Like what you see? Contact our O2C community leader Paul Beardsmore and arrange a free, no-strings-attached consultation to find out what’s happening in the O2C space.

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