Order 2 Cash Roundtable

Topic: How To Support Customers In Challenging Times


THU April 7th


15:00-16:30pm (UK)


Subject Matter Experts


10 Places. First come, first served

Virtually every industry has been forced to balance empathy against debt management when it comes to working with customers during the pandemic. This puts organisations between a rock and a hard place.

Nobody wants to lose a customer but tough financial decisions need to be made. Where do you draw the line? has put a new focus on efficiency and effectiveness for businesses.

Automation is a key enabling tool in this regard.

We will cover:

  • Adapting to increasing prices.
  • When possible, retaining customers by helping them through difficult times.
  • How old and new technology can help meet new requirements.

Our exclusive roundtable will gather 10 industry leaders for a relaxed discussion on overcoming the complexities involved in managing customers.

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