About our Partnership

This partnership will allow Proservartner to leverage Firestart’s enhanced Process Modelling, Workflow Automation and Process Intelligence AI to provide technology to expand its footprint on delivering operational efficiencies through automation, shared services and outsourcing models, and improved processes, systems and data quality.

A growing number of organisations are realising the benefits of taking a process-orientated approach as a form of total quality management and continuous improvement.  In the past total process oversight was incredibly manual, but new technology has enabled a more efficient method of process management.   Our partnership with Firestart enables Proservarner’s hands-on team help customers to uncover process steps and performance metrics.  We work closely alongside clients to create the right KPIs and establish best practice to leverage the data available. We then look at areas for process improvement through automation, re-structure or redesign.

Building on the success of current customers, as we expand our services and client portfolio, the partnership with Firestart will enable Proservartner to expand its capabilities to bring greater value to more organisations across the UK, Europe and North America in areas of process transformation and hyperautomation.

“We are very delighted to work together with such amazing partners like Proservartner to create outstanding customer experiences and results. Rakesh and his team have a deep knowledge and problem understanding in many regulated industries and are experts in translating the customers’ requirements into agile solutions with a people, process and automation first mindset.”
Robert Hutter, Founder & CEO of FireStart

About FireStart

FireStart empowers people and technology to perform as one™. Our collaborative process automation ecosystem connects the dots between people, applications and software robots– so that every individual can make a difference. We take pride in continuously empowering some of the world’s most prominent organizations in their digital transformation journey to reduce costs, improve cycle times and boost customer experience. Our cost effective, easy to use solution in combination with our low-code approach improves your organization’s agility, transparency and resilience.

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