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Proservartner’s partnership with Xelix allows us to enhance Accounts Payable controls, automate tedious tasks and deliver meaningful insights across all our clients.

A growing number of organisations are realising the benefits of proactively optimising the essential audit and control processes within Account Payable. Xelix users achieve major cost savings, safeguard against fraud risk and position themselves to develop best-in-class teams by automating manual processes and focusing on what is important across its five modules:

  • Transactions – Detect transactional risk


  • Statements – Automate supplier statement reconciliations


  • Vendors – Manage master vendor data


  • Reports – Build Accounts Payable reports


  • Helpdesk – Intelligently resolve vendor queries

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“We like to be pragmatic when it comes to delivering the right tools and technologies to bring value to the businesses we work with. For us, Xelix really meets that requirement because it delivers ROI, it allows you to work with new AI technologies and they’re a great bunch of people who fit culturally with our clients.”


Rakesh Sangani
Chief Executive & Co-founder

Xelix Reviews

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"We implemented Xelix a year ago and have seen already many benefits from the duplication and suppliers error functionalities. The implementation is very quick and the software is very easy to use."​
"The whole Xelix experience so far has been great. The team are attentive, the tool is very easy to use, and it's already proved its worth."​
"We have been using these guys for 2-3 years now and are still very happy with the service provided. The tool does exactly what is needed to meet government requirements."​

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