Our GBS Podcasts

Join Aptiv’s VP of GBS, Edoardo Peniche, as he shares how to stay close to the business, manage transition and keep the lights on in a lively discussion with our very own Outsourcing Practice Lead and Managing Director, Paul Morrison.

Proservartner CEO & Founder Rakesh Sangani and Marta Steer, Head of the European Business Support Centre at Marsh, discuss remote working, the power of celebrating victories and what makes the biggest difference to a shared service centre’s performance.

Join Astrazeneca’s Head of GBS, Salvo Russo, and Proservartner CEO, Rakesh Sangani, as they discuss all things GBS/shared services including how to create a competitive advantage and the best way to measure success.

Proservartner Managing Director Paul Morrison and Andrea Schaffell, Director of Shared Services at Equans, discuss how to bring all of an organisation’s functions into GBS, how performance was managed during the pandemic and more.

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